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  • Membership: Copier Service Subscription
  • Access Plan: Auto Copier Subscription ( Medium accounts over 1000$usd+ )
  • Terms: $89.99 per month
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15 thoughts on “Purchase”

  1. What can i say about Dre! effectively one of the better traders i have seen. Thank you for all the years Dre, you have made a big impact on my life financially! FXK

  2. FXK is actually a decent company for trading and the trader deandre is actually pretty good! This is hard to find in this industry! So far with my experience he has been consistent overall and he has a nice swing method thats usually makes us good money. This is a solid team to be apart of! We thank you sir

  3. The education and dedication you receive through FXK is rare to find. Since joining this community my trading career has surpassed what I ever could have imagined. And the founder is always dropping new courses and expanding every year. Very blessed to be a part of this amazing team!

  4. We are constantly shocked by deandre’s efforts to deliver, every week he gives us quality analysis and they are extremely profitable! Deandre i just want to say thank you for everything you do for us. I am FXK family for life – Miranda

  5. I started my journey with FXK back in 2019, i have raised my 3k account to 98k. I am really happy to see 100k soon!

  6. Osbeck O'Brien

    i been a FXK member since 2018.
    Deandre knows his stuff what you get for the price is priceless.
    You become family u never alone help is always they when u need it.
    you get live trade mark ups well broken down.
    get to made money while u learn
    join the family is life changing.

  7. Going to buy a new pickup truck due to the pristine trades i have been receiving in this community. 2024 F-350 thanks to dre and his hard work. Best place to be for forex forsure.

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