Lifetime Mentoring Education

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📚MENTOR STUDENTS will receive📚📚

(We are Technical Analyst- Price Action  Traders)

Lifetime  FXK Setups

*Our Premium Setups members receive 2-5 setups per week *

**We average around 100-350 pips weekly

We average around 500-1000 pips per month

Our service is ran through our telegram provider.  You will receive a private invitation to our group in your welcome email you will receive once purchased the product!!***

Trainings (there will be 1 intro class 1-2 hours via zoom to help you understand how our program works and to answer some trading questions)

Help when needed ( checking chart markups to make sure it looks correct)

Access to live Traderoom

Access to our Traders

Access to over 57  FXK tutorial videos, Pdf and more

(Always adding more )

Access to our FXK  in depth Training videos

Access to our Setups

Access to our mentors student chatroom

Access to our  private mentor student education group

Access to our Online Educational Course

Access to our FXK education quizzes



12 reviews for Lifetime Mentoring Education

  1. Keith

    I am really happy with your mentoring! Love the online course it’s very easy to use and so much stuff included

  2. David Corsey

    You are honestly the best mentor I have come across, you are always supportive and there to help and you explain things better for me to understand. because of you my trading has improved and im seeing things clearly thank you deandre

  3. Lauren

    Hey D, you have been such a great help and a wonderful mentor. my charts and progress has grown so much since joining 2 years ago! Love the FXK Team Cheers D

  4. DJ

    Love your course

  5. steven

    ive been with fxk since the very beginning i know forex, 2 years already. all i can say is deandre is a supportive mentor and he is dedicated about developing his teaching method through various ways. 5 stars!

  6. Nia Long

    Best mentor everrrr!!! you have really helped improve my trading =) -Nia

  7. Farrah

    Hey Dre, the overall mentoring package is well worth it. But the educational online courses portion, you made it so easy for anyone to follow. Plus your willingness to help and explain when needed, just providing a solid support system. You’re a fantastic mentor and I am glad to be a part of the FXK trading family.

  8. Scott

    Deandre provides a solid course covering basic technical analysis techniques to more sophisticated structures. He is always available to create a 1 to 1 session if your struggling to grasp any concepts.

  9. Abinadit

    Tengo 2 años con Deandre y Fxktrading. Sinceramente es un gran analista. Aprendes a desarrollar tus gráficos y análisis de acuerdo a expectativas reales. Estoy muy feliz de haber tomado el paquete de por vida!!!

  10. Robert

    Definitely a great group to be apart of I have learned much and its thanks to you bro cheers

  11. Teezy

    Been a student for 3 years and it has been an incredible journey with this team, deandre is always improving the platform and the education it has only got better and better over time.

  12. Trixie

    I had previously been learning to trade for a few months but on a demo account and was struggling to see consistency until I joined FXK. I joined FXK as a mentor student in November and after one month into being mentored by Deandre my confidence in trading improved remarkably. After having only two lessons, I grew the confidence to trade live and I have tripled my account size since (and planning to build it to a good enough size to rely on). FXK has been one eye opening journey that I didnt know I needed, the course structure is so detailed and the setups are amazing. I highly recommend FXK to anyone looking to get into trading because I personally wish I found it at the beginning of my trading journey. It’s been nothing but a blessing since i’ve joined and i’ve been lucky to be part of such a great team. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

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