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1. Trades are Strictly from FXK Vip Signals/Personal Trades and managed personally to ensure Profitability & Consitency.

2. You might need a VPS (unless your desktop can stay on constantly) 

3. Minimum balance is 10k usd…  registration fee is 300$usd

4.For accounts over 10,000$  are profit sharing based 40% with no monthly fee (if your account is over 15k the fee is 35% ) ( just one time registration fee ). Private Message us for more information on accounts over 10,000$.

5. (MAIN REQUIREMENTS)❗️You can use any broker that allows 1:500 leverage, ❗️

6. Monthly Profit Gain can range anywhere from 22% to 31% or more!

7. We will always keep you updated with any market changes or copier updates.

8. Once you have completed registration you will receive further instructions. To make sure things runs smoothly we ask that you DO NOT TOUCH anything on the accounts👍🏾 We will do everything for you 🥂

Message @fxktradingco on telegram for more information or email deandreforex@gmail.com

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Our Copier Team

Our FXK Copier Service consist of 2 Traders, One Traders job is to Focus on the Profitability and Accuracy of each trade while remaining consistent. The Second Traders job is to Facilitate Trade Risk and Management of each trade.