Copier Service Subscription

Copier Auto Trader

What You Need To Know About Service

1. Trades are taken and managed personally to ensure profitability in the market and to give you a peace of mind.

2. You will need a VPS (no exceptions). We can recommend a good affordable VPS to use.  ( choose the SSD2G 10$ monthly VPS for best option)

3. Minimum investment is 350$ usd (500$-1k is recommended).

4. The cost will be $24.99/monthly starting out for accounts with 350$. For accounts over 500$ will be $36.99/monthly. For accounts over 1000$ will be $49.99/monthly ( each additional 1k in the account will be an additional 14.99$). Accounts over 7500$ are profit sharing based with no monthly fee ( just one time registration fee ). Private Message us for more information on accounts over 7500$.

5. (MAIN REQUIREMENTS)! You can use any broker that allows 1:500 leverage!

6. Estimated monthly gain can range anywhere from 17% to 22% (Our goal is to aim for a lower percentage gain that is easily achievable for us consistently. with the low range of 17%-22% we have been able to easily achieve this consistently. this will allow you as an investor to have a good peace of mind and not have to worry about drawdown or negative losses. all trades also have a stop loss included and we only risk 3-5% per trade)

7. Better broker spreads can increase profits!

8. We will always keep you updated with any market changes or copier updates.

9. Once you have completed registration you will receive links and instructions to download your custom copier software. To make sure the copier runs smoothly we ask that you DO NOT TOUCH any settings  We have done everything for you already !

Message @fxktradingco for more information

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