FXK Alexaa Robot Trader

per month

How To Get Started

Step 1 – You will need to purchase the Alexaa robot trader (Please verify that you do meet all requirements/ profit guidelines before purchasing)

Step 2 – Once you have completed your purchase you will receive your link to sign your form in the email used to purchase, you will also receive another link to register to your Alexaa. (Further instructions will be in your email) 

Step 3 – Install Alexaa on your MT4 platform in your VPS

Requirements/Profit Guidelines 


Broker must have 1:500 leverage
Broker must allow hedging
Broker must NOT Provide “FIFO” (First in First out)
Account balance minimum (2k recommended)
VPS required (we can recommend a vps to use)

(You can chat message your broker or email them to ask if they meet these requirements if you are not sure)

Registration Monthly Fee of 99.00$ For Accounts (Below) 10k

Registration Monthly Fee of 199.00$ For Accounts (Over) 10k

Accounts over 20k are Profit Sharing Based (Please contact us for more information)

Monthly Growth Percentage 13%-25%

(Currency Accounts Accepted USD-GBP-EUR-AUD

(This is a non-refundable service)

(Better (lower) broker spreads can increase profits)


5 thoughts on “FXK Alexaa Robot Trader”

  1. I have been with Alexaa for the last 6 weeks…my account has grown from 10k to 13 k

    There have been some turbulent times, but each and every time ALEXAA has pulled through miraculously

    I am not sure how she does it…but that is the truth

    I am very grateful to both Danielle and Deandre for their honest, polite and truly helpful attitude

    I wish everyone all the best…God Bless us all

    May the light be with Alexaa

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