FXK Trading Educational Course!


📚MENTOR STUDENTS will receive📚📚

(We are Technical Analyst- Price Action Traders)

Lifetime FXK Signals
*Our Premium Signals members receive 2-5 signals per week *

Lifetime FXK Setups ( and updates to setups )
Our Premium members also receive 3-7 setups per week

**We average around 250-350 pips weekly
We average around 1000-1300 pips per month

Our signals service is ran through our telegram provider. You will receive a private invitation to our group in your welcome email you will receive once purchased the product!!***

Trainings (there will be 4 one on one classes, 1:30hr-2hour detailed trainings )

Classes done via online on zoom

You will have homework 📚 to do after each class on the online course

Help when needed ( checking chart markups to make sure it looks correct)

Mentorings are one on one scheduled at a time and date

Access to live Traderoom

Access to our Traders

Access to over 32 FXK tutorial videos, Pdf and more
(Always adding more )

Access to our FXK in depth Training videos

Access to our Setups

Access to our Signals

Access to our mentors student chatroom

Access to our private mentor student education group

Access to our Online Educational Course

Access to our FXK education quizzes



All one time fee

Course Information


Course Instructor

deandreforex deandreforex Author

What is Forex?

First View Into The Market

Crawling Before You Take Your First Step

Baby Steps

Learning To Walk

Market Structure 101

Lets Take A Jog

Lets Run A Marathon!

Bonus: Understanding Harmonics

FXK Olympic Gold Finals “Test”

HomeWork Assignments

Q&A and Hot Topics

Backtesting Series

Risk Management Helper

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